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You already have all that you need for your organization to thrive. Create a live community focused in innovation.

Create an organisational culture that sets you apart from the rest. Where all the talent in your organization focuses on value creation. Empowered by a behavioral competitive advantage where everyone´s priority is ownership of providing your clients and the world with the best service. The result is a live community instead of a hierarchical organisation, where people is more important than processes and innovation happens. Flexible and Agile organizations that are able to adapt to the constantly changing global arena. 


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HARA consulting services allow you to strategically create the organisational culture and kind of innovative environment, where people can use their strengths to the fullest, be creative, engaged acting "like a CEO" and make a difference. We offer you a wide range of solutions, as you avoid being reactive and wait until the problems require quick tactical fixes, be proactive and contact HARA to transform or create a culture that will strategically attract, develop and retain top talented individuals.

Through proper assessment of the competencies and your existing organisational culture, by the hand of neuroscience, positive psychology, emotional intelligence and executive coaching let us guide you through the 4th Industrial revolution and beyond.

How do we prepare you organisation for this? By developing the competences to implement the best practices and methodologies on leadership and management, strategy, emotional intelligence, sustainable innovation, digital transformation, sales, cross cultural and talent development.

Our Corporate Culture Consulting Services

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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

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Executive Coaching

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Alex Buriel 高涵


Alex is our CEO and co-founder, passionate about organisational culture and innovation, developing C-Level executives to their full potential and providing value on every single intervention. With more than 28 years of expertise, let Alex help you shape your organisation´s future!

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Markus Veith 马库斯


Markus is passionate about cross-cultural communications and psychological safety. He has experience in strategic consultancy and has been educated in western and Chinese universities. Markus will help you walk the firsts steps towards the path of success! 

Leslie Zhang 张世荣

Facilitator & Consultant

Let Leslie be your guide. Wether Managing Organisations or Changing them, Leslie as  Change Management Consultant for IBM, Deloitte Consulting, Accenture..., Certified Coach and Associate Partner at IBM Global Business Services. Will show you the way!

Our team is ready to work with you!

Our Team


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