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Our Team: Who are we?

Alex Buriel 高涵

Alex helps Senior Leaders to build highly effective organisations, unleashing their talent through consulting, workshops and executive coaching. To innovate by finding the right companies to acquire and start Joint Ventures. He supports C-Suite executives to increase their effectiveness and success, set clear goals and balance professional and personal life through executive coaching.

HARA´s CEO, Executive Coach, management consultant and Leadership and Innovation professor focused on organisational culture and Business Development. More than 7 years as Greater China Director of IE Business School. Lawyer, serial entrepreneur, and business owner, started my first company at the age of 20. More than 28 years in Leadership and business development.

Picture of Alejandro Buriel Rocha, HARA LS. Ltd. CEO
Victoria Wei_edited_edited.jpg

Victoria Wei 薇颖

Victoria is one of our senior consultants, she was already very knowledgeable in her area of expertise; Training and Development, executive coaching and strategy before diving into Corporate Culture Development at a Fortune 500 for nearly 8 years.

Allow Victoria to show you the way to build a High Performing organisation.

Leslie 张世荣

Leslie is one of our more knowledgeable collaborators. Wether Managing Organisations or Changing them, Leslie will contribute with all the experience accumulated as Change Management Consultant for IBM, Deloitte Consulting, Accenture..., Certified Coach and Associate Partner at IBM Global Business Services, Certified Coach by Erickson Coaching Institute and senior executive.

He will be the perfect add on to your organization and the best source of knowledge and insights. He also has a MBA by INSEAD Business School and a Bachelor in Science by JiaoTong University.


Abby Li 礼艾

Office Manager. Born in Hong Kong and raised in the USA. With strong experience in training and education for IT companies. Sales and marketing.

Graduated from Northwestern University of Chicago, she speaks, Chinese, Japanese and English fluently.

A 32 years old female in Business Attire

Consultants, Executive Coaches & Facilitators

Your Industry Experts

Regarding leadership and Strategy consulting and training, it involves senior executives that provide services as consultants with expertise from different industries.

The many of our coaches and facilitators are Business School professors, all of them are also practitioners at the same time, with wide experience implementing it into their fields.

Workshops involving Cross Cultural leadership, Emotional Intelligence, soft skills and interpersonal skills will be facilitated by Certified Executive Coaches and NLP practitioners.

Increased self awareness, self- management and self-regulation will include Mindfulness Coaches also. Most of them are based in Shanghai and South East Asia.

Take the first step to unleash the human potential in your organisation and contact us now!

3942049688_A 39 years old male Western E

Markus Veith 马库斯

Markus is passionate about cross-cultural communications and psychological safety. He has experience in strategic consultancy and has been educated in western and Chinese universities. Markus will help you walk the firsts steps towards the path of success! 

Skilled in Business Process Improvement, Digital Transformation, S&OP Implementation, Inventory Reduction and Interface Optimization. Strong operations professional with a Supply Chain Logistics background.

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