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HARA will help you building Agile organizational models, through consulting, strategic planning, assessment, executive coaching, workshops for training, mentoring and the entire roadmap for developing a “human potential unleashing” methodology by empowering the talent that you already have, to create a positive impact in organizations, teams and individuals. All we do focuses in value creation and retention, transforming organizations and companies to achieve a bigger impact in the society.


Your Industry Experts

Strategic Planning

Achieve Your Goals

Develop a strategy to create the right organisational culture, principles and values. Position the ultimate outcome of your organisation in the market and built loyalty on every action.


Grow Your Business

Executive Coaching

For Excellence and Performance

Learn to use your already existing strengths and develop new behaviours and habits to excel and reach the next level in performance, while achieving new and challenging goals.

Help your leaders and managers to perform and excel in their role.

Practical Workshops

Training your talent



Transformational Coaching

Cross-Cultural Organisations


Succession Planing

Talent Development

Sales Mastery

Consultative Sales

Business Development & Sales Leadership


Transfer your corporate culture

That is your most valuable asset. Transfer your organisational culture and values to your new employees and the set of strategic competences that "make the difference which makes the difference" in providing the best service to your clients and thrive in your sector.

Some of our success stories:

Coaching Accreditation Program for CEOs and Senior Executives

Developing and executing a better strategy

Effective leadership succession planning

Change Management, from organisational transformation to M&A integration

Lead on digital transformation and Innovation promoting creative and innovative environments 

Talent management for developing high potentials and the next generation of leaders 

Maximizing functional expertise (e.g. marketing, customer focus)

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services. Contact us now to find out!

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