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  • Alejandro Buriel

Never "eat alone". Prioritize the Business Relationships That Matter Most or the "4 h

Recently revisited few books regarding the Over-networked leader topic. Like "Never eat alone" Keith Ferrazzi and "How the Overnetworked can manage their contacts" by Matt Bird.

With success comes many things — including a much larger business network. How can you possibly keep in contact with everyone, let alone respond to their requests? Apply Pareto’s 80/20 rule: Think about your most important relationships, and then highlight the top 20% of them. This economist from the old times keeps cowing back to the present on many titles (few years ago in the best seller "The four hours workweek" by Tim Ferris). These are the people you should spend 80% of your time, energy, and resources with. Proactively set up regular lunch dates, walk-and-talks, coffees, and face-to-face meetings. Get creative — commute to work together, take up a shared hobby or interest, or create a peer support group (a mastermind group). For second-tier contacts, consider organizing a social event two or three times a year to keep in touch. This 80/20 system allows you to continue to nurture and protect your relational ecosystem — which is the greatest determiner of your personal happiness and professional success going forward.

How do you manage your network? Let us know what works best for you.

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