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Top 10 skills for 2020

Yes, there you have them. The Future of Jobs Report: World Economic Forum this year, listed the top 10 most demanded skills by companies for 2020.

What do you think about them? Any of them related with hard skills? They are all focusing in soft skills AKA leadership skills. With complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and people management topping up the list.

In 2016 McKinsey & Company published a research on the impact of the new technologies in the work environment. Not only artificial intelligence (AI) but also machine learning (ML) are taking a gigantic step forward by the hand of Quantum Computing. Until know all was binary code (I/O), now we will have computers able to handle multiple states combinations (I, O and I+O) at the same time, this will exponentially multiply the computing power making all possible for the new super computers. Cybersecurity is already an essential field for business to succeed.

Combined with the Internet of Things (IoT) that is becoming an essential part of our lives without us even noticing (smartwatches, voice guided OSs, devices permanently interconnected) through Cloud computing, has pushed us into the 4th industrial revolution without us even noticing.

Current technologies could automate 45% of the activities people are paid to perform. About 60% of all occupations could see up to 30% of their constituent activities automated. "We estimate that activities consuming more than 20% of a CEO’s working time could be automated".

So, that´s it? Are we humans obsolete?

To the contrary, now more than ever the only sustainable competitive advantage of humans has become more important than ever. What is it?

As robots grow evermore skilled at mimicking human tasks, the human touch will become increasingly valued. Automation of work tasks also means that some workers cycle through positions faster.

“We anticipate the rise of rollercoaster career paths. As technological changes and industrial restructuring proceed at a faster pace, skills and job categories become obsolete and force more workers to undergo retraining and mid-career job changes”

What is the individual´s responsibility?

Embrace and Adapt to a Non-Linear Career Path. Accept that the world is a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous).

“The best way to deal with radical uncertainty is to be flexible and open-minded”

Cultivate Future-Proof Foundational Skills

“In the past, soft skills were nice to have. Now they are a must-have,”

Critical thinking, building effective relationships, problem solving and presentation skills. Interestingly, a premium price is paid for problem solving and presentation skills.

If you or your leadership team are not performing at the top of the game, make sure to provide the right leadership development training and find an Executive Coach that helps building and transforming a strong Corporate Culture around learning, innovation and soft skills.

Acquire Digital Know-How

Learn to understand how to use technology, SMAC (Social Media, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud). And look for ways to implement this new skillset into your day-to-day tasks.

What is the company´s responsibility?

Understand the Future of Work

Many employers are taking advantage of new technologies (such as big data analysis) to help develop training programmes. HR can discover how to raise engagement; discover what motivates, deters and inspires employees; and use data to develop and accurately measure key performance indicators (KPIs).

Do What you can with your Existing Talent Pool

Look at your employees’ skill sets. How can you help to upskill and re-skill your current team?

“Rather than destroy jobs, technology can be expected to instead change roles, allowing workers to focus on other key areas of their work,” report from Hays Journal.

Bring In Fresh Talent Smartly

What stretch assignments can be assigned that will better align your team with their future plans, interests and prospects? How can this be done in a way that matches their personal aspirations?

One way to simplify hiring is by adopting a gamified system called Campus Commune where they will complete challenges designed to develop the desired skills and gather information about candidates.

In many ways, the future is what we make of it. If we approach it as a time of great opportunity, and choose to continually bounce forward despite temporary setbacks, it might just turn out a fulfilled promise.

Contact us if you want to know more about being ready for the now!

Take away´s:

1.Prepare for the future about jobs and automation.

2.From promise to Threat. To make challenges become opportunities always keep learning.

3.Skills of the future. Work on your action plan to develop them.

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