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Top 15 skills for 2025

By Alex Buriel

The most expected list of skills is already out there in the middle of the most VUCA scenario that the world has had to put up with in many years. From the stability of two big blocks in the world, to a globalised world now we went back to the protectionism of blocks and the formation of new geopolitical powers.

Innovation is at the forefront of value creation and will keep leading the world of work. While soft skills are still toping the list, there are two new skills like Technology use, monitoring and control and Technology design and programming that have entered strongly in the top 10 compared with the previous list Top 10 skills for 2020.

This is how Jobs and skills will look like by 2025.

43% of businesses surveyed indicate that they are set to reduce their workforce due to technology integration, 41% plan to expand their use of contractors for task-specialized work, and 34% plan to expand their workforce due to technology integration.

Related by areas:

  1. Problem solving: Skills 1, 3,4,5 and 10.

  2. Self management: Skills 2 and 9.

  3. Working with people: Skill 6.

  4. Technology use and development: Skills 7 and 8.

Active learning and learning strategies, Leadership and Social influence together with Resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility have also toped the list, where we can feel a world dominated by constant and proactive self improvement (up skilling and re skilling), needed of guiding direction and clear/inspirational leaders.

Shocked by the big reset and the effects of this pandemic, the world will demand individuals that can be resilient and handle stress comfortably while being flexible to plan and execute come back strategies stronger than before.

Learn how to make yourself and your skill set future proof! Contact us to learn more about how to foster the development of these skills in your teams and organisations:

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