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What are you doing with your time? Self-Management.

Living in the world of WFH and Zoom conferences, we are all suffering never ending meetings without clear agendas or concrete actions, lost in long meaningless conversations that just pop up from everywhere, while life just falls between your fingers.

Sounds familiar? Even if you are not into self help, chances are that mainstream thought about improving your self-management skills may have reached you before.

Here you have two simple but important essential tools if you want to get much more out of your days and achieve more meaningful results. Start by planing your days looking at the Eisenhower matrix, highly effective people spend most of their time on quadrant 2. Crisis managers and firefighters are always on quadrant 1 (as they never work on quadrant 2 before it is too late), also called the prevention quadrant (as Stephen R. Covey uses to explain in his book the 7 habits of the highly effective people).

List all your daily goals/tasks and then evaluate and assign them based on importance and urgency. List your quadrant 1 action points. Spend most of your time in quadrant 2 and just delegate as much as possible of quadrant 3 activities. Just forget quadrant 4.

Before starting with execution evaluate what is the 20% of activities that will bring you the 80% of the results that you desire. That is it. Go for a full productive day. And if on top of all these you plan your weeks/months/quarters and years based in long term goals in the four main areas of life (physical, spiritual, social emotional, intellectual), then it will also be a meaningful day and life.


Alejandro Buriel is HARA´s CEO, Executive Coach, management consultant and Leadership professor focused in soft skills & emotional intelligence, strategy, corporate culture, cross cultural skills and Business Development. Lawyer, entrepreneur and business owner, started his first company at the age of 20. More than 24 years in Leadership (the last 9 in Asia), business development and as senior executive. Lawyer, member of the Spanish Bar Association of Madrid (ICAM) and Master in Law LLM by Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University of Chicago) & IE Business School. Certified NLP practitioner.

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